About DRVR Hub and City of Toronto Mandatory Training

  • Is DRVR Hub a City of Toronto approved driver training provider?

    DRVR Hub is an accredited driver training provider from June 2022.

  • Who needs to do this training?

    Drivers for vehicles-for-hire and private transportation companies (PTC), such as Facedrive, Lyft and Uber, are required to complete a mandatory training program from accredited training providers and submit the certificate of completion as part of their license application.

  • How do I register for Vehicle-For-Hire (Toronto) training?

    Please visit https://courses.drvrhub.com/bundles/the-ultimate-bundle to enroll and purchase the training course.

  • How do I get a PTC license to drive in the City of Toronto?

    Once you complete the vehicle-for-hire course and receive your certificate, please share with your PTC company who will go through your driver application. Once approved, you will be provided with a PTC license to be eligible to drive in the City of Toronto.

  • Do I have to do this training again every year when I renew my PTC license?

    Only needs to be completed once.

About Course Enrollment

  • I am creating an account and it is asking for a booking company. What is that?

    For the field “booking company”, please indicate Uber, Lyft and/or Facedrive.

  • What do I input for PDL?

    Please enter your Driver’s license number in the correct format. For example, A0000-11111-22222.

  • My email ID is wrong, how do I update my email address?

    Please email info@drvrhub.com and our support team will update the email for you after reviewing the request. Supporting documentation might be requested.

  • I forgot my password. How can I reset it?

    Please visit https://courses.drvrhub.com/users/password/new to reset the password.

About DRVR Hub Online Training

  • How many hours does it take to complete the vehicle-for-hire training course?

    This online course takes approximately 5 hours to complete in one sitting. However, you can take as long as you need to complete the course. Our goal is that drivers understand and are able to retain the information.

  • Do I have to start the course right away after purchase?

    The course start time is flexible - you can start whenever you are ready.

  • Once I register for the course, how long do I have to complete the course?

    You have 12 months to complete the course from the day of purchase.

  • Is there any in-person or in-car training?

    No, the entire course can be completed online.

  • What is the passing grade for the course?

    The passing grade is 80%. You can take the course as many times as possible. If you need any further assistance, please contact our support through our chat box or call 1-888-499-5080.

  • What happens if I fail the course? How do I retake? Do I have to purchase the course again?

    You can retake the course as many times as needed. No additional purchase is required. The course is designed so that if the content is thoroughly reviewed, then you will be able to pass. If you require any assistance, please contact our support through our chat box or call 1-888-499-5080.

About Course Certification

  • I completed my course, how can I get my certificate?

    Once you successfully complete the course and submit your driver’s license, our team will review your submission and upon validation, you will receive an email within 24 hours with a link to receive your certificate.

  • Do I need to submit my driver’s license?

    Yes, you are required to upload an image of your driver’s license as proof of identity.

  • Is the certificate only for one rideshare company? Can I use it for Uber, Lyft and Facedrive?

    Yes, you can use the same certificate for all PTC and vehicle-for- companies.

  • My name is spelt wrong on the certificate. How can I get it fixed?

    Please send an email to info@drvrhub.com with a picture of your driver’s license to update the certificate. Please allow at least 24 hours to receive the updated certificate.

  • I have submitted the completion certificate and received a rejection from Uber. They are asking for an original document. What should I do?

    Please follow the steps below:

    1. Double check that you are submitted the correct certificate and ensure the information on the certificate matches the information submitted in your driver profile.
    2. Please ensure you upload the DRVR Hub certificate as a PDF.
    3. If you are still having difficulties, please contact Uber support.

Sample Cerificate

Student Support

  • How do I login?

    After you have enrolled in a course, or bundle of courses, you will receive a confirmation email with all the important login details. If you don't receive this within a reasonable timeframe (within 1 hour or enrolling), check your junk/spam folder in case the email has bypassed your inbox. You can login via our website in the top right-hand corner.

  • Why can't I log into my DRVR Hub course?

    As a first step, confirm that you have an account on our site and that your email address is spelled correctly. When students cannot access a course or their account we often find it is because they are using the wrong or misspelled email address.

  • I've enrolled in a bundled course. I've finished the first course. How do I get back to view the other course?

    So you've finished one of the courses in a course bundle, and not sure what to do next? At any time during the course, you can click on the "Go To Dashboard" button in the top left-hand corner, or click on the menu icon. Here you will find all the courses you are enrolled in.

  • I'm having trouble playing the videos and audio in your course.

    Often, this issue is caused by a browser problem on the student's computer. We recommend that all internet browsers be up to date before viewing our online training. If you're not sure what browser you're using you can check out here: https://www.whatsmybrowser.org/ Here are some basic browser troubleshooting steps that are a great starting point if you are having issues playing video/audio. (1) Clear cache and restart the browser. Also check if you’re using the newest version of the browser. (2) Try a different browser – we like Google Chrome. (3) Try an Incognito / Private Window – this will rule out an issue with browser extensions. (4) Restart the device – it's a cliche but it works! If possible, try a different device or a different internet connection. School and/or corporate firewalls occasionally block our video provider.


  • How long is this promotion?

    All promotions are for a limited time. DRVR Hub has all rights to start and end promotions without notice.

  • Do you have a referral program?

    Yes, please contact our support through our chat box or call 1-888-499-5080 to find out more.